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~ by iemommy on August 10, 2009.

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  1. I would use it for my son. He is always wanting a game or toy from the store “Every time” we go. I would set the timer and then not have to rely on memory as to when he got a game last. I could show him and then he would know tool

  2. I emailed 3 people and gave them a link to your page. (along with an email to you)

  3. I would use mine for the milk I have for my daughter in the fridge. I only like to keep it for a few days and this will help me use the oldest milk first.

  4. I’d like to use the Days Ago for leftovers and those opened jars of sauces, etc.

  5. So many things I could use this for!! Probably would use it in the fridge on leftovers.

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  7. I would put this on the many jars of pasta that manage to get opened and not used. Also, I buy this really great tomato paste in a jar, but can never remember how long it has been open.

  8. I’d use it to keep track of how many days ago I’ve changed the water for my beta fish. It’s hard to keep track and I want the fish to have fresh water.

  9. I’d use it on sunscreen bottles. I have so many but cant remember when I bought them.

  10. I’d use them for baby food jars too. My son is just starting to eat them and can’t finish it in one feeding. So useful!

  11. I would definately use this for food leftovers…great idea!

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  13. I would use mine to keep track of when I put food in the refrigerator and the freezer.


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  16. I would use it to keep track of plant watering.

  17. I would love to have these. Like you, I have jars of food in my frig that I have no idea how old they are and this would be great!

  18. I would use mine for tracking the shelf-reliability of those half opened jars-just like you Nicole I forget them. Right now I use masking tape w/ a date kinda tacky.

  19. I’m now Days Ago’s Facebook Fan! Your link took me to MojoMix. I’m assuming they are the same company.

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  21. To keep track of leftovers

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  24. I’d use this for leftovers. Thanks!

  25. This is a fantastic idea! I end up throwing away so much food because I can’t remember how long it’s been – most of my daughte I would use this for my daughters baby food jars!!

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  28. I think I would use my days ago for leftovers. Sometimes it is easy to forget when you made a dish, but you don’t want to throw it away needlessly if it might still be good…..
    My other thought was to use it for bottles of juice….

  29. I would use one on my Brita water pitcher. I never remember when to change the filter.

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  31. this would be great

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