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Best Skin, Hair and Weight-loss Supplements

A prettier, healthier you is just a pill away, our readers say — but not all really work

Turns out, not all beauty products are topical. In fact, there are plenty of pills and drinks that claim to help your skin, hair and even help you lose weight. But do they work? Well, some do. Here, our readers share which ones actually deliver results — and one that wasn’t worth the money.

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No. 8: Arbonne Go3 Fizzing Beverage Tablet, $28 average reader rating: 7

“I found that it did give me energy and curb hunger as it promised. I used this product in combination with other Figure 8 products and lost over 40 lbs. in two months …”

No. 7: Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement, $42 average reader rating: 7.8

“I have seen such a major improvement in my skin. … I am finally seeing a breakthrough with these pills. My cystic acne is no longer an issue!”

No. 6: Borba Clarifying Aqua-less Crystalline, $100 average reader rating: 8

“They really cleared up my skin pretty nicely, also made it less oily! I love the flavor too!”

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