Am I Pregnant?


Am I Pregnant?

The twins say no. My husband says no but….I think I must be!

Am I cranky, moody and having cravings? Yes! But that’s normal.

Have I taken a test or missed a period? Nope but I must be pregnant!

Because I keep receiving baby diapers, baby formula and numerous certificates, coupons and discounts on baby items in the mail.

I am not sure what list I have been placed on. But somewhere along the line I have been added to an expectant moms list. Now if this is God’s way of letting me know that I will be having another baby soon it is a great sign of His sense of humor.

We have talked about having another baby and quite frankly, we are on the fence.

On one hand it would be an amazing blessing and it would be a brand new adventure to have only one baby at a time.  I missed out on a lot of quiet moments because there were always two and I was always rushing to change diapers, get babies fed and trying to sneak in a few moments of rest.

But on the other hand…our girls are six; they sleep in, can bathe and dress themselves, play quietly (most of the time) together and can even make their own breakfast with some supervision.

I am 40 and I know the biological time clock is ticking but I can honestly say I am content either way. I love having my two girls and it is the perfect number when the four of us go on outings.

It is a bit scary to think that if we were to get pregnant again we may get another set of twins! Because of my age and the fact that we already have had twins there is a very real chance that it can happen! On some level I think this would be so cool and on a more conscious level I think this would be crazy! I guess I will just leave this decision up to God and my body.

In the mean time my little niece and our little friends are enjoying a lot of goodies.

So…for the record…no I am not pregnant…but if they send me a “free” trip to a mommy expo…I am so there!


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  1. Too funny!! I never received coupons with my older son, but someone put me on a list this time, because not a day passes that we don’t receive coupons in the mail. We don’t use formula and don’t know anyone who does, so I end up with a lot of recycling at the end of the week!

  2. You can mail coupons that you don’t want or don’t use to the troops overseas. There is a program site called…..check it out! Don’t throw away coupons that families of military could so desperately use. I have been mailing all my expired coupons and it feels wonderful that they can help our military members and their families!

    Wonderful post.

    • HI Leane,
      Thanks for the information. It is very helpful. I have been giving my coupons to my niece and to friends at church but it is nice to know about that site for the future. I’ll have to look into it. Thanks 🙂

  3. Correction!

    The site is

    Sorry for the mistake. It really seems like a wonderful program.

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