Spotlight on “Karito Kids Dolls” (Review)


I never thought that I would be able to “choose” my daughters’ best friends…but it is apparent that I have.


The IE Twins have been given the honor to review two amazing Karito Kids dolls.  Pita and Zoe were delivered at our home a short time back and instantly became the twins’ best friends.  But really who could blame them?

These dolls are pretty, fashionably dressed, gorgeous hair and beautifully crafted plus the entire premise of the company is to “Give Back”.  They are definitely dolls that can be loved, treasured and passed down from one generation to another. Each doll arrives with a book about her life and travels plus a super cool passport. They present wonderful role models for our tween girls.

My ethnic heritage is Spanish and Mexican while my husband is Irish and English. I wanted to give dolls that reflected the IE Twins lineage. So we chose the Mexican Pita and the American Zoe. I believe I was more excited then the twins when they arrived….until they opened the box. They were blown away.


Each doll is a 21” and poseable. They  are hand-strung and constructed from vinyl with no phthalates added.  To properly model their fashions, the dolls are constructed with a 1/3-vinyl breastplate. To ensure the much-desired “cuddle” factor, 2/3 of the torso is soft 100% cotton and polyester fill.  The hair is wigged and can be washed and styled. **

There are six dolls in the Karito Kids Line (Ling, Piper, Zoe, Pita, Gia and Lulu) each very unique in style and appearance. Gia is from Italy, Piper from Australia, Lulu from Kenya and Ling from China. The dolls each have their own web page that allows you to explore their worlds just a bit more.  Piper and Gia (1st & last in picture above)  are my personal favorites. I think their faces are exquisite.


Pita is actually named Agapita Maria Reña Corta. She is an 11-year old girl of privilege from Mexico City who bucks the rules of her social class after her beloved horse goes missing. Pita comes with her own passport and a 123-page, hardbound fiction book that includes eight scrapbook pages about her native Mexico!**


While Zoe is an 11-year old aspiring songwriter and musician who loves making up silly words, sillier songs and exploring the vintage shops of her native Manhattan for the hippest retro clothes. Zoe comes with her own passport and a 128-page, hardbound fiction book that includes excerpts from her journal describing her beloved New York City!**

Karito Kids  has created an exceptional toy. A doll that not only is a reflection of quality, entertainment and fun it is also a clear representation of the diversity that makes up the world we live in. Each doll has been created to reflect an 11 year old girls’ thoughts, emotions, feelings about “her” world. I adore that they have a vast range of nationalities and personalities. In our family we have members that look like Zoe, Pita and Lulu! It was wonderful to see a company that not only accepts but accentuates the beauty of ethnic diversity.

For me, the most appealing aspect of Karito Kids is the fact that three percent of the retail price helps another child—and purchasers decide how! Every item comes with a special code allowing them to log on to, play great games, earn extra World Change™ and direct their gift to one of four causes: school, home, health or food.**

You know I consistently speak to my girls of those that are “less fortunate”, of children that have “so little”.  Children who do not have the pleasure of a room full of toys and a warm bed. But the IE Twins are still little…those scenarios are not reality to them because they don’t see it. They don’t live it or experience it.  Thanks to Karito Kids…they are able to see a bit more realistically how blessed they are and how they can help other little children to be blessed.

I am grateful that my twins were able to review the Karito Kids doll but even more grateful know that there are people that care so much for little children that they created Karito Kids and allow parents the opportunity to teach and share with their and responsibility.




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**Information obtained from the Karito Kids Press Kit and/or Website.

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  1. Wow what a great post! I’ve long heard of the Karito Kids, my daughter and I have three: Lulu, Pita and Ling. We enjoy reading the books and making up stories for them. Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope your daughters have man more years of play with them!

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