Spotlight on “SleepHeads PJ” (Review)



What one article of clothing can make you feel sexy, fun, flirty, comfortable, warm or secure?

Yep, you guessed it PJ’s! Think about it!

You can pick up a pair of jammies that are fun and sexy…maybe a little racy.

You can pick up a pair that are comfortable, warm and fuzzy.

Or you can pick up a pair that don’t look anything like jammies at all…just in case you have to run to the store for a late night snack…like Oreos and Milk.

It’s totally up to you when it comes to style and function and has all the styles to choose from. I was sent this fun “Think Pink” flannel PJ set by Frankie & Johnny and love it!

While it has been a bit too hot to wear it lately I have had it for a few months and was able to snuggle into it before the weather changed. Yummy! Soft 100% Cotton Flannel. Button up top with one pocket and elastic drawstring waistband on pant. It was a little snuggle wrapped up in PJ’s. 316_8cb3a15d-b110-4688-b9ba-1c1b2fb3147b.jpg carries jammies for men, women, kids and plus sizes in a lot of amazing, cute and fun styles! Plus they carry purses, handbags and flip flops.

I would love to review the cowboy boots for my girls and the athletic bag (hint, hint).

This dynamic red purse is actually an athletic bag and is a mere example of the vast assortment of styles.

Don’t forget about your kiddos because has “THE” cutest boot slippers that I know the IE Twins would be jumping for316_f295b4d2-a7d5-40e0-85af-0712560ee07c.jpg joy to receive. Look!

Now try and tell me they are not adorable! They even have some for grown ups too!

Sleepyheads is great place to shop for friends and family. Christmas is only less then 3 months away…yes it is!

Swing by Sleepyheads and get a jump on your Christmas list and catch all their summer specials!

Don’t forget to tell them the IE Mommy sent you!



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