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How some moms are so creative and ingenious is truly beyond me. When the twins were born I would place paper towels around their high chairs to pick up spills…never once did it cross my mind to “create” a product.   I guess that is why I am the one doing the reviews and not requesting them. My mind just doesn’t think that way.blue_lg

But my mind does know a great idea when it sees one. May I introduce you to Wupzey. A perfect catch-all attachment for your child’s high chair.

After spending a week with my very independent great niece…I was able to see the Wupzey in action.  The Wupzey attaches with Velcro in three easy steps. It has generous room for your little ones’ feet and legs.

Eliminate the need to wipe the floor each and every time you feed your child…take a moment and invest in a Wupzey. An amazing value at only $14.95. Imagine no more back strain, sticky floors or power struggles with your little one.  Easily detachable, 100% nylon and machine washable. Wupzey comes in ten different colors and patterns.

Swing on by Wupzey and tell them The IE Mommy sent you!



After months of cleaning the floor whenever her daughter ate in the high chair, California Mom Johanna Romaniuk had an idea to change the mealtime experience for moms & babies worldwide.johanna2

At 5 months, Johanna’s daughter preferred to eat by herself, leaving a mess on the floor after each meal. Looking for solutions, Johanna tried the large, bulky floor mats that still needed sweeping. Fold, clean, unfold – the mat turned out to be more work than just letting the food fall directly onto the floor!

Out of necessity, Johanna created the high chair food catcher which is lightweight, compact and durable. She made it easy to attach, detach, clean and able store on the highchair. She also made it to be strong enough to catch “sippy cups,” toys and utensils. And, of course, it is completely machine washable.

Johanna’s other products which include bibs and shopping/diner seat covers were also designed with the same concept in mind; to reduce work, and to save time and energy. The bibs and covers are also made of the same nylon material that the Wupzey is made of, which makes them far more practical than the age old cotton ones that take forever to dry!



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**Information obtained from the Wupzey Press Kit and/or Website.


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