You Capture – Peace

PhotobucketIt’s that time again…..Thursday’s You Capture Challenge.

This week’s theme: PEACE

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~ by iemommy on August 20, 2009.

17 Responses to “You Capture – Peace”

  1. Great shots! Love them! Especially love the second one..very peaceful indeed!

    • A big “thanks” to everyone for the wonderful compliments. This is my favorite place, Maui Hawaii. I always find peace there.

  2. Gorgeous sky colors and I love the water crashing over the rocks.

  3. Wow… I just love the shot with the rocks! Lovely! Have a great day!

  4. I definitely find peace by the water. Especially in the morning, on the beach. That first one really reminds me of it. Love these…

  5. Love the rocks. Beautiful.

  6. Gorgeous shots!!!!

  7. The beach is definitely peaceful. The sound of the waves, the fresh air, the simply beauty of it all. I think you captured the essence wonderfully.

  8. Very nice captures! I love the water and the rocks. Looks like a wonderful spot!

  9. Wow! Your pictures are breathtaking!! Makes me want to be wherever you were when you were behind the lens!!

  10. That second one is PEACE to me!! Love it!

  11. Beautiful! Great colors in the first photo.

  12. That first shot is amazing!

  13. I love the shot with the sailboat! So beautiful!

  14. Beautiful shots! I’m a little partial to pretty sky pictures so I love the first one. 🙂 The rocks are awesome, too.

  15. Great shots..I love the rocks and water striking against very natural shots.
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  16. I love the ocean and sunsets – sooo peaceful. Awesome photos!

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